Being a Parent Sucks (there, I said it)

No, no, no, stop the judgement.

I’m not saying I don’t like being a parent. It’s great! I am not saying that I don’t like my kids. They’re pretty cool! I love those little jerks.

What I’m saying is, most of the time, being a parent sucks. And if you can’t agree with that then you should probably stop reading right here.

Before I decided to write this I put a fussy 3 year old in his bed 7 times. SEVEN TIMES, before he decided that he wouldn’t get up any more. As I looked at him with a stern face and told him not to get up again and tried to refrain from threatening him because I want him to go to sleep with positive vibes and not negative ones, he looks at me and agrees. And not even five minutes after I make it to my room, he is up again; this time asking for a drink of water or a toy he can’t find in the dark.

So what I’m saying by being a parent sucks is not that it is the worst thing ever, not that it isn’t all worth it, but that it is damn hard work.

When you make the transition from regular person to a parent it’s like a punch in the face. Just PLADOW! Whether you have an easy going child, or what I like to call a Max (my 3 year old), there are going to be some rude awakenings.

I say being a parent sucks because making sure you have your alarm set for 12 a.m. to wake up little boys who may or may not pee in the bed sucks.

Leaving the room for a moment and coming back to him scraping his plate of the seconds of mac and cheese that he just asked for into the trash, sucks.

Walking away from that random baby in aisle 4 who is having a serious meltdown and then deciding to turn back around to claim and calm him because he’s yours, sucks.

Buying new pants and shirts and shoes every couple of weeks, it seems, sucks.

Grounding a kid from video games because he left his 4th jacket this week at school, sucks.

Having a little person say you’re a mean mom because you won’t let him eat candy canes for breakfast, sucks.

Breaking your nails that you just got done during a nerf war you didn’t even want to have in the first place, sucks.

But when you think about how happy their faces were during the nerf war, or how he was super grateful you even made dinner today, or how much they’re growing every couple of weeks, or how you can calm a whole human by just giving him a bear hug, or how eskimo kisses seem to make everything better, it is all worth it.

I read in another blog (I can’t remember the name), that the sucky things may out number the not-so-sucky things, but they won’t outweigh them.

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