Trying New Things: Blueberry Picking

Since moving to Washington State about a month ago it has been busy and interesting.

Interesting but not boring.

I decided that since it was a new city, with new goals and a new family dynamic that it was only right to have some new adventures as well.

We’ve visited Seattle (of course), a kangaroo zoo where we got to pet and feed kangaroos, donkeys and llamas, a reptile zoo where we saw everything from huge African cockroaches to slithering snakes and gargantuan alligators. And our latest adventure was picking blueberries!

Let me interject that another thing I decided to do here was to get out and meet people, which is out of the ordinary for me. But I vowed not to be bored and not to hold back. So I met a few ladies, one inside Chik Fil A (because obviously, she has good taste) and one on Facebook (because social media) and many other people through them both. It’s been great.

So when my friend mentioned blueberry picking I was like, we’ve never done that before, count us in!

If you’re ever in the Lake Stevens, WA area, check out Penryn Farms U-Pick Blueberries. It doesn’t come up on the gps or on google, which seems a little suspect 😬, but it’s a small, nice, peaceful, open area with rows and rows of blueberry bushes. And it’s great for the kids.

The farm is self-guided and uses the honor system as there is no attendant to give you a basket or weigh your blueberries or even take your money. You do it all!

As a matter of fact, we did so much of it ourselves that Ky was shocked when we had to pay. “We have to pay them after we did all the work?” Yes dear, we do. They planted the blueberries so they did most of it. Kids.

Picking blueberries was not as tedious as I expected it to be. The hardest part was dodging the spiders and their webs.

Other than that we all had fun filling up baskets with one pound (combined lol) of blueberries.

Ky picked the biggest juiciest ones he could find and Max picked whatever his little fingers could reach. And we now have the main ingredient for, well, a bunch of things. Although I will probably, mostly use them for smoothies.

So if you’re close by and looking for something fun to do with the kiddos, check it out and it won’t disappoint. But please, please, watch out for the spiders. They run the place.

xoxo, Yas

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