3o Things Kids Can Do Instead of Fortnite


My oldest son is a Fortnite feen. Yes, feen. He loves to play Fortnite all day and if he’s not playing it then he’s watching Fortnite videos on YouTube. And if he’s not watching videos about it then he’s talking about it *insert huge dramatic eye roll*.

I get it. It’s 2018 and video games are a part of many kid’s lives, but too much of anything is not good for you.

When I noticed that all he was doing was playing Fortnite I decided to implement limits. So now video games are only played on the weekend and he is allowed 1.5 hour in the a.m. (granted his morning routine is complete) and 1.5 hour in the p.m. These limits can go up if he’s had a great week and handled all his business the way I expect and down if he hasn’t.

*It should be noted that the limits can also go up if I just need an off day. Go! Play all the Fortnite you want, just let me rest!

That being said, I thought it would be nice to get a list together of some things for your little ones to do instead of playing, watching or talking about Fortnite.

  1. Go outside to the park
  2. Education.com (paid website with activities for kids from preschool to 5th grade-totally worth it)
  3. Build something out of Legos
  4. Play some Games – Pie Face, Mancala, Uno, Jenga, Bop It, etc.
  5. Ride a bike, scooter, skateboard, skates
  6. Go to a skating rink
  7. Find a pool, indoors if it’s cold
  8. Family Movie Night 
  9. Onesie Party
  10. Canvas Painting (Pinterest has super cute, kid-friendly ideas)
  11. Origami
  12. Bake something yummy
  13. Learn a language together
  14. Find a pen palthis article can steer you in the right direction
  15. Write a letter to a family member
  16. Clean! Somebody’s gotta do it
  17. Cook a new dish together
  18. Make a paper airplane and then have a paper airplane distance contest
  19. Make Slime
  20. Go to the library, check out some books
  21. Children’s Museum
  22. Feed the ducks at a nearby lake
  23. Plan a staycation – Get a hotel downtown and live it up!
  25. Nerf Gun War – for added fun, build a whole course in the backyard
  26. Make popsicles
  27. Throw a football, hit a baseball, kick a soccer ball
  28. Make a video – youtube, music
  29. Science Projects 
  30. Go check out a trampoline park

Yes, some of these things require you putting down your phone or laptop and getting in on the fun, but unplugging can be nice.

I hope these ideas can help you and your Fortnite lover and add more to the comments. Let’s keep building this list.




3 thoughts on “3o Things Kids Can Do Instead of Fortnite

      1. It is really is just a combination of the two. You set up the Jenga game. But instead of using your hands, you use the Nerf guns to shoot the pieces out. The game does end faster shooting at it though because once you have shot out like 5 pieces it really becomes to unstable for a gun. The most we managed to shoot out without the tower collapsing was 10.


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